starting a new career

Starting a New Career

Is there life after 40?  Or 50, or 60?  Yes, yes and yes!

Of course there is, in fact, I reckon it’s over 40 that life starts getting better.  We tend to worry less about pleasing others, about conforming or about so much of the trivia that seemed to dog earlier years.  Like so many things in life, it’s never too late and it’s certainly not too late to be starting a new career at 40 and beyond!.  If you still haven’t found that thing that makes you leap out of bed in the morning, then don’t stop until you do.  There are thousands of ideas and resources to help you, so I implore you, stop ‘settling’ for life; get out there and find your purpose. (This is who and what inspired me).

I know it all sounds a bit ‘happy clappy‘ this ‘purpose’ thing, but I so believe each one of us has something to offer this amazing world, to make it a better place, to make others happy or to pay something forward.  By 40 and beyond, you will have a mountain of experience to draw upon, to share, to guide and to learn from and you can earn an income from this! Discovering your purpose might be something that will take a good bit of ‘work’ to do or it might be something you’ve known all along.  It might even be something you discover by accident when you take a different path, talk to someone new, go somewhere different, catch a later train (did you ever watch Sliding Doors?) or discover in a blog! 😉

When you discover your purpose, it is your responsibility (to yourself and to others that care for you) to follow it, no matter what your age and starting a new career with that purpose driving you is easier than you might think.

Your current situation

It might be that you fell in to something when you left school, college or Uni and you have just remained in your comfort zone ever since – but that does not mean that that is where you should stay, in fact, if you are ‘comfortable’ you will never be growing (and for my money, if I’m not growing, I’m not happy).  It might be that you have been raising and running a family, getting temporary work or never had to work, but whatever your current situation, if you are thinking about starting a new career at 40, 50 and beyond, you must not settle for anything that does not inspire you.

Starting a new career sounds pretty daunting at any age, let alone past 40, but it is rapidly becoming a normal progression in this ever changing world for someone to have several jobs throughout their working life or even at the same time – multiple income streams is definitely a more secure option! As traditional jobs fall by the wayside, people that don’t keep up will be out of work quicker than you can say “Dole Queue” (would have been fun to be in this one though!).  It’s crazy, but there are hundreds of jobs around today that didn’t even exist 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Here’s a few jobs that never or barely existed 10 years ago….

  • App developer
  • Content creators
  • Social media managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Data scientist
  • Cloud computing specialist
  • Driverless car engineer
  • Uber driver
  • Millenial Generation expert! 
  • Drone operator

The latest studies are suggesting that 2/3 of kids in primary schools today will be doing jobs we can’t even conceive of at the moment – crikey! So if you are thinking about a starting a new career, especially one that creates freedom in your life, with an untapped income potential and joining what is known as the ‘Modern Wealthy’, it’s all about not being left behind. That means getting Online!

The digital world is moving pretty fast, and it’s leaving a lot of people in it’s wake, but if you are prepared to invest some time and effort into your future by learning some new skills, it’s so much easier than you would think to start leveraging the power of the internet. You could stick your head in the sand, perhaps sign up to a soul crushing MLM ‘opportunity’ (been there!) or trawl though sites like Indeed, trying to fins a ‘job’ that still means you have to ask a boss for time off in the school holidays, or you could ‘earn while you learn’ in the online world and build something you love that could pull in cash flow every day on autopilot.

The pain of staying the same

So, if you are thinking about starting a new career at 40 and beyond, or adding an additional source of income, learning to take your passion online is the only smart choice.  Now I hadn’t planned to look for a new career; since leaving the RAF I thought I had found my purpose in Personal Training. However, as much as I love training and am hugely satisfied helping others to improve their lives through health and fitness, I’ve realised that my purpose is so much bigger than that.  To be honest, I’d really dug myself into a hole of self doubt, self criticism and unworthiness (I’ll save that story for another blog!!) before I discovered I could do what I loved without compromising my physical and mental health. I’d suffered years of pain after back to back injuries and I nearly let life crush me. I knew I had to get me a spade and dig myself out and that’s when I met Landria. Talk about INSPIRED!!!I I knew I was in the right place (despite initial scepticism) and after getting stuck in to the education I soon launched Laptopmums and then took my fitness business online.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change”

Tony Robbins

Remembering that pain, and having seen how others like Landria have succeeded late in life, gives me the drive to help others rise out of similar holes.  I’ve spoken to so many women who are ‘settling’, who are in pain, who are unfulfilled, who are unsatisfied or just ‘meh‘.  Women who are run ragged juggling, jobs, kids, husbands, admin, cleaning and cooking.  Women who are just ‘waiting’ for a good time to start their own business, take a training course or hire a cleaner (I wrote a bit about the perfect moment in my last blog HERE).  These women aren’t necessarily unhappy and often have a loving family, but just feel that something is missing or that they are capable of so much MORE.  So at the grand old age of 53, here I am pushing out of my comfort zone getting to grips with the Digital Age and discovering my bigger purpose. It’s not easy – nothing worth having is, but I’m laying the foundations for 2 businesses that I love , building digital assets that bring in income 24/7/365.

My purpose

I love my business GO Health and Fitness, I’m proud of it and I love my clients, but I now know I can help my people not only to lose weight, move better and get healthier, but to take it a few steps (or a giant leap) further to develop themselves personally and professionally too.  If health and fitness is your goal, I’m certainly your girl and what I have learned from my online community has driven me to serve my clients from an online platform which enables me to work with clients all over the world (from anywhere in the world!)

If you too are also feeling lost, overwhelmed, left behind or a bit ‘meh’, you should at least take a look at the FREE Training to see if there’s anything for you in the online world (even if you have NO IDEA right now or are crap on the computer).  My purpose with Laptop Mums is to introduce every woman to the same opportunity I took that really has changed my life. To develop themselves further than they ever thought possible; to never stop learning, growing, laughing and living and find their passion to share with world.

My absolute purpose is to be a force for good, a force for change, and a force to be reckoned with! 

Stop making excuses  – it’s YOUR life, get curious and don’t get left behind!

It all starts with this FREE Training. I’d say life changing, but I know how cheesy that sounds! By all means, be sceptical, I was, but if I hadn’t taken the first step, I’d still be in that hole.

Yours in health, growth and happiness,

Jennie x

PS. Here’s that link again to the Training that changed my life 

PPS.  If you have any questions at any time, please reach out to me here – – I’m happy to jump on a zoom 🙂

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