When to start a New Business – it’s got to be now!


Are you wondering when to start a new business, a new project or to get healthy?  Are you waiting for the perfect moment? That perfect moment when you’ve ‘caught up with yourself’, when you are feeling right, when you’ve lost that bit of excess weight, when your kids are more settled, when life isn’t so hectic and all the stars line up?  If so, I have some bad news, it just won’t happen.  NOW is the time. A new week, a new month or a new year is always presenting itself as the next opportunity, but if you have a dream, don’t wait – pick it up and start running with it NOW!   I felt like I had been starting and stopping, hitting pause, even rewind for years!  Ever since I left the Royal Air Force, I’ve had a million ideas, and whilst I got of the starting blocks with some things, life has constantly ‘gotten in the way’ and I felt I’d never actually get a successful business up running.  So, if like me, this been the story of your life then join me and get stuck in NOW! 


If not now, then when?

As a mum, you no doubt thought about the perfect moment to have a baby, that moment when you are in the right place financially, personally, mentally, physically and with your soul mate; but did it happen that way?  My guess is for the vast majority, probably not.  Life no doubt offered up its servings of hurdles, complications and surprises in that particular journey!

when to start a new business

Do it now


All too often, we wait for the right time, but the only right time is right here, right now.  By all means, set a start date for a new venture, but once you decide when to start a new business or work towards a new goal, then do it.  DO IT, DO IT, DO IT – especially if it involves your health and your future.  If you really want a New You, a New Life or New Direction, be the woman you said you would and do the things you said you would.  Don’t stop because you’ve lost motivation (that is never permanent), don’t stop because you get hurt (physical or mental – there is always something you can keep doing), don’t stop because it’s hard, (if you are changing years of old habits, or learning something new, it will be).  Just remember why you started, and if that WHY was important enough, you must keep going.

Slo mo is better than pause!


Hitting pause is far too easy and we all do it, but let’s make life pause free from now on.  Even in the very worst of circumstances, do not give up on your dreams.  If ‘slo mo’ is all you manage for a while, that’s OK, just don’t stop.  Make a way.  Keep taking those baby steps, even if it is just taking a multivitamin and drinking water on days when your food plan goes awry, if it’s 10 mins stretching instead of 30 mins running, even if it’s just 1 min mediating, or 10 minutes following an online learning course, never pause.  Life does not have a pause button, you can’t pause your kids, your husband (oh, wouldn’t that be great sometimes!!) or the weather, so don’t pause you.  Set your intentions and make it happen.  Start the day with a morning routine (read my blog here for The Miracle Morning routine) then whatever life throws at you, at least you’ve done that. Do it every day.

when to start a new business


So, there is no perfect time when to start a new business, a new fitness regime or a new lifestyle.  Stop looking at life as if it ‘gets in the way’; as the old saying goes ……

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”

It doesn’t get in the way, it just ‘is’ and the sooner you decide to just get on with it rather than waiting for the magical ‘right moment’ feeling, the sooner good things will happen.  Get help, get a mentor, get studying and get in the right MINDSET and the world is you oyster!  If you want to know more about how I got help, who mentors me, what I am studying and just as importantly, how I got into the right mindset to make my dreams a reality, it all started with these WORKSHOPS.  I was totally skeptical of it at first and it took me a year of ‘stalking’ before I finally got started, but now I have, I wish I hadn’t waited so long – stick with it, watch them, give me a call if you need to, but you’ve got nothing to lose! 

Make today the perfect time when to start a new business!


Here’s to an amazing future.  I did a wee recording about this HERE. 🙂


Love, health and happiness.

wwhen to start a new business