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Affiliate Marketing: Why it Trumps Multi-Level Marketing in 2024

How many people do you avoid in the playground, at the bar, or in a coffee shop because you know that any conversation with them will always lead into a pitch for their Multi-level Marketing (MLM) products? Maybe you’re that ‘MLM partner’ who feels they can never have a regular conversation because they should ‘always be selling’. I’ve been on both sides of that fence. I’m still on the ‘being sold too’ side, but let’s face it, neither is comfortable. Affiliate Marketing, is the secret that BLEW MY MIND, when I discovered how simple it was (and it all started with a free course) I’m now building 2 awesome businesses I absolutely LOVE and am really proud of.

I’ve got some wonderful friends (and family members) who represent a multitude of MLM businesses (Forever, Scentsy, Tropic, Arbonne, Herbalife, etc.) whose products, to be fair, are generally really lovely, and I do sometimes buy them, but conversations with those people always feel different. Whether it’s the subtle excuse for a coffee that leads into a “you’d be so great at this business” trap or an invite into a Facebook group designed to flog products, to use a popular ‘down with kids’ term right now – it all just gives me ‘the ick’!!

affiliate marketing

My eyes were opened to Affiliate Marketing after I saw someone on YouTube offering the same intro course you could access in the button below. It walks you through all the different types of Online Businesses you could start from home with just a laptop and internet connection. However, like me, you may think it looks too good to be true. I ignored it initially (it doesn’t get much more sceptical than ex military!) but A YEAR LATER, after another MLM business had worn me down, I decided to investigate further and soon wished I hadn’t left it so long! I went on to invest in some world class education and have never looked back.

Read on for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of MLM and Affiliate Marketing or hit the button below to learn more about working online straight away!

The Multi-Level Marketing business model (also known as MLM, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing or Direct Selling) involves you selling products and services and recruiting other people into your team to do the same. You earn commissions on your sales and as a recruiter, you earn a commission on the sales made by your recruits; you may also earn bonuses and other incentives based on your team’s performance. Generally, it involves you buying in stock yourself and you will often see people selling such stock at market stalls, school fairs, events and of course direct to friends every time you meet!

Affiliate marketing is a different approach to earning income from home, and it’s very much the stomping ground of successful online entrepreneurs known as the ‘Modern Wealthy’. In this business model, you promote other people’s products or services (as many as you like) and earn a commission on the sales you generate. There’s no stock to buy, no selling to friends, and no ‘pyramid style’ commission structure or team building. Affiliate marketing is a way to leverage the unlimited power of the online world promoting highly desirable and relevant products you love.

High ticket affiliate marketing can lead to commissions in their hundred or thousands.

MLM – The Good

  • Flexibility: MLM offers a flexible schedule, allowing individuals to work on their own terms and choose their own hours, making it a great option for people who want to work part-time or as a side hustle.
  • Low start-up costs: MLM typically requires low start-up costs compared to other business opportunities, making it accessible for people who cannot afford to invest in a traditional business.
  • Potential for high income: MLM offers the potential to earn high income, as earnings are not limited to the commissions on personal sales, but also from the commissions on the sales made by the people in your downline.
  • Personal development: MLM often provides training and support for personal development and entrepreneurship, allowing individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, and business.
  • Social networking: MLM provides opportunities for social networking, allowing individuals to meet new people and build relationships.

MLM – The Bad

  • Over promise, under deliver: MLM’s are notorious for promising big rewards but delivering little in the way of actual earnings. In fact, most people who join MLMs end up losing money rather than making it (me!) The vast majority of people who join MLMs make little or no money, and those who do earn something often earn very little.
  • Pressure to Recruit: To make money in an MLM, you need to recruit others to join your team. This can create a lot of pressure to constantly sell the opportunity to others, which can put a strain on your personal relationships. It can also lead to a focus on recruitment over product sales, which can be damaging to the reputation of the company.
  • Costly Inventory: Many MLMs require you to purchase inventory in order to sell products. This can be expensive, and it’s often difficult to sell all the inventory you’ve purchased.
  • Limited Control: As an MLM distributor, you are at the mercy of the company’s decisions. You have little control over the products, the marketing, or the pricing. This can be frustrating if you have a vision for how you want to run your business.
  • Reputation: MLM has a negative reputation due to the history of some companies engaging in fraudulent practices, making it difficult for some people to trust the legitimacy of MLM businesses.
  • Drop Out: MLM has a high attrition rate, with many participants dropping out after a short time due to the difficulty of making sales or recruiting new participants. You will have to constantly train, support, motivate and recruit team members to stay profitable.
  • Pyramid structure: MLM has a pyramid style structure, with only a few people at the top earning significant income, while the majority of participants earn little or nothing.

MLM – The Ugly

For me, the biggest ‘ugly’ was just the constant pressure to meet targets, to ‘compete’, to recruit, and to ‘sell’ to my personal network of friends and family.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing – The Good

  • Low Risk, High Reward: With affiliate marketing, there’s no need to invest in expensive inventory or recruit others to join your team. You simply promote products that you believe in (this could be as simple as writing a blog post) and earn a commission on any sales that result. This makes it a low-risk, high-reward opportunity.
  • Freedom & Flexibility: This is why most people, including me, find their way to Affiliate Marketing – for the unparalleled opportunity to live the life of a ‘digital nomad’. Whether you are young free and single, or a busy parent, you get to choose your hours. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.
  • Passive Income Potential: Earn in your sleep! This is why I LOVE this life. Once you have set up your marketing systems you can earn an income 24/7. I got my first sale whilst I was open water swimming! Even better than that, with the right guidance, once you have established your systems and you see things working, you can scale things up for uncapped income potential.
  • No previous Experience or Special Skills: This is what surprises so many people (and what they don’t believe!) is that the right course and mentors will take you literally from where you are now, today even, with no online skills to launching a profitable business in as little as a few months (no, not overnight to 6 figures!!).
  • No need to put your face all over Social Media: I thought I’d have to plaster myself all over social media every day, but along with most people in our community I was happy to see that’s not the case! You can, but there are other ways to build an audience that trust you.
  • No Pressure to Recruit: With affiliate marketing, there’s no pressure to recruit others to join your team. You can focus on promoting products that you believe in and building your own brand.
  • No Inventory: Since you don’t need to purchase inventory, there’s no risk of being stuck with unsold products or products going out of date.
  • More Control: As an affiliate marketer, you have more control over the products you promote, with the option to focus on High Ticket offers that will give you the biggest returns. You also get to use the marketing strategies you prefer from free options like blogging, social media and influencing to paid ad placement.
  • The Digital Goldrush: With an estimated 2.14 billions shoppers online in 2021 alone, there has never been a better time to upskill, step out of mediocrity and leverage the digital boom.
  • Skillset: The online skills you’ll learn can be used in multiple ways and digital skills are more desirable than ever in the market place. You’ll be highly employable if you chose to enter the workplace or go freelance.
  • Digital Nomad: If you have a laptop – you can work from literally ANYWHERE with an internet connection. I love that I can head to my parents in Scotland whenever I feel like it, and dip in and out of some work if I want.

Affiliate Marketing – The Bad

  • Competition: Affiliate marketing is becoming a very popular way to earn income from home, which means that there can be a lot of competition in some niches. This can make it difficult to stand out and make sales, but with the right training, it is easier than you’d think (I’m living proof!)
  • No Control over the Product: As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have control over the product or service you’re promoting. This means that if the product doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, it can reflect poorly on you as the affiliate marketer. It’s therefore important to pick your products and companies carefully and even better – set up multiple income streams!
  • Commission Cuts: Some companies may reduce the commission rate for their affiliate marketers over time, which can impact your earnings potential. Again, it’s all about doing your research and promoting companies you have used, that you love and that you trust.
  • Fluctuating Income: Your income as an affiliate marketer can fluctuate depending on the performance of the product you’re promoting, changes in the market, and other factors.

Affiliate Marketing – The Ugly:

Many businesses offer poor returns, no resources for their affiliates, no community, and no support. Affiliate Marketing is a booming opportunity, and because of that there are many scams promising that you can get rich quick or make money overnight; spoiler – you can’t!

I fell on my feet being introduced to Affiliate Marketing the way you are now—by someone who invested in a World-Class Digital Education. A company that not only will help you to ‘Prepare, Launch, then Grow your dream online business – an actual business, not just an affiliate account. A business where you can set up systems once, and earn a High Ticket Affiliate Rewards 24/7. (I made my first sale when I was open water swimming!). This education is not just another online course, it’s joining a whole community of likeminded people around the world who will support you as you learn.

affiliate marketing

Your time life is valuable. You want to be there for your family, you want personal growth and satisfaction, and you want to make the most of your opportunities. It’s really important you weigh these Pros and Cons carefully. Hopefully this article has helped you towards making an informed decision. You may have guessed that since jumping ship from the MLM model, I am now a HUGE fan of Affiliate Marketing; I made far more money, far quicker and have found my dream business model. Using the skills I’ve learned through the Affiliate Education I’ve invested in, I’ve also built my own online fitness coaching business that I’m SO proud of.

In case you were wondering, my favourite product is the one where it all started for me. From here I’ve connected with a world-wide community of likeminded souls who’ve invested in further education to build their own dream businesses. Everything from coaching just about anything, selling just about everything via Amazon and other online stores, copywriting, running online marketing companies and of course keeping it simple and selling other companies products via Affiliate Marketing.

The education offers a full picture step-by-step approach with numerous options that go way beyond the bog standard ‘how to’ training you get everywhere else.

affiliate marketing

For me, this amazing adventure all started with the FREE Intro course I mentioned previously and it can for you too. Full disclosure, it’s very unlikely you could build a profitable online business (or any kind of business!) from a free course. Yes, you’ll be able to go out and find affiliate links and maybe earn a little, but for those go-getters among you with bigger dreams like me, lets get real. This is your research!

On the Intro course you’ll get an inside view of how all online business works, not just Affiliate Marketing. You’ll get a feel for the community (that includes me) of amazing people around the world who are also on this journey. And hopefully you’ll a gut feeling that you are in the right place, before you invest any time or money into a paid programme or mentorship. Success for me came with the best resources, the best training and the best mentoring and that’s what you’ll learn more about.

If you ultimately chose to invest in the foundational business building course, you’ll be walked through every step of the way from that first rung on the ladder when you have NO IDEA what to do, no digital skills and no experience to running 6 to 7 figure online businesses like many of our members (not me yet, but I’ve never been closer!)

Click the link below for the training that convinced me to finally ditch MLM – it’ll blow your mind!

What have you got to lose? (except perhaps that pile of products you were going to buy!)

“The future depends on what you do TODAY”


affiliate marketing

72 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: Why it Trumps Multi-Level Marketing in 2024”

  1. MLM was never something for me, my brother used to do it and I found it embarrassing having to try and sell to family and friends and then turn your social media into a sales forum…. all the time!!

    Online business seems like a path with much more integrity!

  2. Hi! I’m a retired nurse and would like to try affiliate marketing for additional income. Can people in their 60’s benefit doing affiliate marketing? Thank you.

    1. I’m 69 man and I’ve got time computer do you recommend affiliate marketing for me part time I’m good at computer but I get tire at night. So if u would kinda tell me the time involved ok thanks so much Michael I

      1. Hi Michael,
        I absolutely recommend Affiliate Marketing – it’s been a life changer for me.
        It’s impossible to say how long it will take.
        You get to chose your hours!
        If you decide to invest in the education to show you how to get set up, it is all self paced and will depend on your work ethic and how quickly you get to grips with the information.

        Good luck!
        Jennie 🙂

    2. Have you pursued doing affiliate marketing? Any updates that you’d be willing to share? I’m in my 60s and researching affiliate marketing as a supplemental income then to fund my retirement.
      You can also email me at


      1. Hi Joyce,
        Apologies for not responding sooner.
        Yes, my main income just now is from affiliate marketing.
        We have lots of 60+ (and some 70+!) people in our community who are learning how an online income will see them have a great retirement!
        In fact, one of our most successful members is in his late 60’s.

        Have you checked out the free training, to see if this is for you?

        Warmest wishes,

  3. Hi. I’m new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing. Would I be able to do it while working full-time?

    1. Hi Linda. Absolutely. Many of the members in our community get started whilst working full time. You will have to set time aside every day to learn and get your systems set up, but you get to choose the amount you can do at a time. When your affiliate income starts to equal and surpass your full time wage, that’s when people start to jump ship entirely! Please do give me a shout if you’d like to chat more.
      Jen 🙂

      1. Hi Jennie,
        I had been trying to start an affiliate marketing, however I am not sure how to start. I already have over 20k follower in FB page 10k on FB personal but I cannot figure out how to start the business.
        Please help, mom of 3 here and would like to find work from home job.

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hi Joanalyn,
          Great job on building your following – that’s a massive bonus as you already have an audience! Our Modern Wealthy programme is a great first step to learning more (although LaunchPad will take you step by step through EVERYTHING you need to start your business.
          Please come and find me in the community when you get started – I’m looking forward to connecting with you.
          Warmest wishes

          1. Hi jennie im 28 years old i complete bachelor of pharmacy but could not find a job and i need a job badly to establish myself if you help me i will be grateful to u.

          2. Hi Afrin,
            I wish I’d discovered this life at your age!
            You can definitely use affiliate marketing (or any online business) to make an income when you learn how.
            Please check out the free training and you’ll discover how to get started.
            Best wishes,

  4. Hi there, I have just come across your website and would love to know more, single mum of one and one on the way, I need a larger income would this be possible for me?

    1. Hi Courtney,
      Great to hear from you. It absolutely would! I won’t lie, it will take some work to set up the systems, some people have done this in weeks, some in months and for some even longer. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but you could invest in the ‘done for you’ programme which does short cut this considerably though! I know of many mums in our community who are making it work as an affiliate and also in ecommerce (full training is given on both). You’ve got nothing to lose by checking out the free training and if it resonates with you, have a look at the first training course you’ll get a link to. Good luck and feel free to reach out to me any time 🙂

      1. Hi, how are you ? I am single mum with to teen, and I have part time job I would like to learn about affiliate marketing but my English language is poor n I don’t know to much about technology

        1. Hi Lilu,
          We have many people in our community whose first language is not English and who don’t know much about technology (I was rubbish to start with!) The courses we offer take you through everything step-by-step 🙂
          If you are serious about wanting to make this work – you can be a success!
          Warmest wishes,

  5. Wow I work in retail at the moment and I hate being away so much from my family. Its awful times and days when I don’t want to work and want to spend time with my three children. I’ve been looking at things I could do to work from home and eventually build it up so I can give up my retail job. This sounds great. Only problem is I’m not very tech minded, is this something I can learn or do with a few basic things?

    1. Hi Kerrie,
      You can totally learn as you go – I was rubbish on computers! What did you think of the training videos so far? Fancy a zoom chat?
      Jennie 🙂

  6. Hi, I just recently started looking into affiliate, marketing, and I’m very intrigued!
    I am a mom of 3 older daughters,I’m looking for my second act. Can you send me some info please.

    1. Hi Celeste,
      Great to hear from you. I see you’ve sent for the training video’s – what do you think so far? I’d love to help you get started on your ‘second act’ would you like to jump on a zoom call?
      Jennie 🙂

    1. Hi Marie,
      I’m more than happy to tell you more. Please do watch the training videos then we can jump on a zoom and chat more if you like? best wishes, Jennie 🙂

  7. Hi I’m interested in starting affiliate marketing as a way to make some side income, but I have no idea where to start/which products are a good idea. I plan on watching the videos linked above but would like some more guidance on products really. I have tried MLM and it didn’t go well which has really knocked my confidence so any advice is gratefully received.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      So great to hear from you. I totally get the experience with MLM – me too! Once you have watched the videos (have you sent for them?), they should answer some questions, then please drop me a message to and I’d be happy to jump on a zoom with you 🙂

  8. Do you have to have a laptop or would a tablet work? Do you need permission from the product/companies you choose to promote ie: Paparazzi jewelry/independent consultant, imparticually, or Scentsy candle independent consultant? Am I explaing myself so you understand what I’m asking? I also, now, work for a window cleaning/pressure washing co that’s been in business 34 years, as a sales rep, telephone sales and business is very slow right now but I truly love the company and believe in their services, as we do other things besides windows.
    Txs, Karen

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your interest. Yes, you do really need a computer to be an affiliate. You do need permission to be an affiliate and you will be given a unique link to promote products (otherwise the company won’t know it’s you the sale came from and you won’t get paid.). The companies you mention are Multi Level Marketing which is what I don’t recommend. Why don’t you watch the free training videos and you’ll better understand how you might be able to either support your current company and/or start something of your own. 🙂

      1. Hey Jen can u send me some info about Affiliate mkting. Would be deeply appreciated!Thanks a God Bless. Ps keeping an open mind/wing and a prayer😊

        1. Hi Sheri,
          Great to hear from you.
          You’ll get all that information through the free training videos I mention in this blog post (just click one of the buttons). The 4 videos show you all about different types of online businesses, but video number 2 in particular profiles Affiliate Marketing.
          Warm wishes,

  9. Hi Jennie,

    My wife and i have been discussing high ticket affiliated marketing for a few months now. I work full-time and deliver door dash a couple evenings a week. She is a stay at home mom during the day ( 3 boys ) and tutors students needing extra help in the evenings. While the combo is enough to make ends meet ( barely ) we find we miss out on family dinners and time together. Also it seems silly to spend so much time to just make ends meet. We really want to create a different lifestyle for our family. We are going to be dedicating an hour every night so ( 2 hours ) to diving into high ticket affiliated marketing in hopes of starting to create a financial buffer that we need to make changes. My question is why are you offering free training vs paid training ?

    1. Hi Mark,
      It’s great to hear from you, it sounds like this will be perfect for you. The free training is purely to show people the variety of what is possible online. If you enjoy the training and like the look of how this community operates, you may then choose to invest in the courses and coaching that will help you set up the right way for high ticket AM (amongst other things). I believe this is the best community, coaches and education you could find anywhere in the world and its important people get a feel for that in order to know they are in the right place for them.
      I hope that helps, please feel free to ask any further questions.
      Jen 🙂

    1. Hey Mar,
      Good to hear from you, thanks for your questions. In a nutshell, you spend some time setting up automated systems online, then market the product you wish to be an affiliate for. The free videos I’m offering here will outline how all of this is achieved. Some people have success with organic marketing on blog posts and social media, the majority of people prefer a faster return on their investment by paying for ads through Google, FB, YT, TikTok, Pinterest etc etc. Our courses, coaches and community show you how to do all of that.
      Jen 🙂

  10. Hi Jen, I’ve been looking at AF for a while to supplement income to be able to do and buy the things I want instead of just getting by and not have to worry about money. I’ve looked at lots of other website with free courses etc. How much does your system/coaching cost. I’ve been through lots of the free stuff then you get a call from a mentor to tell you at the end it’s going to cost £2500. 😩 Thanks

    1. Hi Tom.
      Of course, free ‘stuff’ is always a lead magnet into something paid for. A good free course should give you lots of great actionable content and an inside look at how the company operate, from there you make an informed decision if you go and take action by yourself or want more help and support. If working online is a new concept and you actually want to launch a successful business the right way, you should expect to have to invest in the coaches and resources that make that possible. Much like you would pay to go University, or even pay for a plumber or to buy goods from a shop, a persons time, effort and products require compensation; it’s what makes the world go round!
      We offer a whole host of support, from basic courses to a full ‘done for you’ package, depending on how quickly you want to get set up. There’s no obligation to check out the free training I guide you towards in this blog, but hopefully from it, you will see what is possible with the right support.
      Warm wishes,

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Not necessarily – you found me through this blog post!
      It depends on what you want to market and how you prefer to communicate. All you need to do is to create ‘something’ that will create enough interest for someone to check your offer out. Our courses offer lots of coaching and advice on what that might look like for you personally.

  11. Hi Jennie
    Are there financial risks involved with pay-per-click if people don’t purchase?
    Also, how do you account for returns if you have been paid commission, you would never know how much money is actually yours?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your question. Clearly, as an affiliate, you will only get paid when a potential customer actually purchases. Companies that offer a return/refund policy will only pay affiliates after that period (normally 30 days), this is something you quickly adapt to. I’m only an affiliate for 3 companies – products I personally love, and they all have very good ‘affiliate dashboards’ that keep you fully updated with commissions & returns. You learn all about that through the training offered by the companies.
      It’s very easy to overthink everything before you ‘take the plunge'(I did) I would advise just getting started and learn as you go!
      I don’t advise anyone take financial risks, but if you intend to use paid marketing to make sales (wether that’s PPC or something else), you must be prepared to make an initial investment into advertising before you find your winning ad and start making commissions.
      It really is a learning journey, but if you do it right risk is minimised.
      Warm wishes,

  12. Hi Jennie,

    My name is Abigail. I’m 16 almost 17 and I’m struggling to find work that works for me. I was wondering if this would be the right kind of work to get some money.

    1. Hi Abigail,
      We do have some younger affiliates in the community, a few working with their family members. It is absolutely ‘work that can earn you money’, but wether it’s right for you, I don’t know. To get started the right way takes time and effort and will require some investment – wether that’s the education and coaching on offer here, or the software that we set up to make everything work 24/7! I think it’s truly amazing that you are showing an interest in this at your age – you could potentially set yourself up for life. My best advise would be to watch the workshops (pref with a parent/guardian as well) and see what you think.
      Warmest wishes,

  13. Hi Jennie,

    I’m happy to have found your website/blog! I could relate to your experiences with MLM because I spent 5 years on it only to feel the burnout which eventually lead to a fall out. Anyways, I’m a new first time mom looking to get out of her 9-5 by next summer. My mom (grandma) recently got laid off and she’s also looking for a source of income so we can potentially build it together. I’d like to get started in affiliate marketing but I’d also love to have some guidance. I plan to watch the free training and then hopefully we can connect?



    1. Hey Sneha,
      We have lots a family members who do this together, I think it’s great you and your mom could team up. Please do connect with me in Mentors or the FB group and I’m happy to chat! Enjoy the training 🙂

  14. Hi, I have multiple sclerosis and am in a wheelchair and would love to give this a try but my fingers are slow. I’m also not a big social media person. Could I be successful at this?

    1. Hi Louise,
      Great to hear from you. You certainly don’t need to be a big social media fan to make this work – there are lots of ways of connecting with your audience. However, as all our work is done on the computer/laptop, then this is something you will have to give consideration to if you have trouble typing. There is no need to be speedy necessarily, but use of the keyboard is a big part of what i do. Why not watch the workshops and see what you think from there? I’m happy to jump on a call after and maybe find out more about how this could work for you?
      Warmest wishes,

    1. Hey Tina,
      Thats a tough one to answer, a bit like how long is a piece of string. In essence very little, but if you don’t know how to start, what systems you need, what products to promote or have some understanding of all the moving parts required to do it properly so you can truly have something that works for you 24/7, then the investment really must be into yourself and the education required to right – first time! You’ll discover more about that through the workshops I mention in the blog.
      Please reach out if you have any more questions.

    1. Hey Martin – you are in the right place. I highly recommend you watch the workshops I recommend in this video – workshops number 2 in particular talks more about the amazing potential of Affiliate Marketing. Give me a shout if you have any questions 🙂

  15. Hi Jennie
    I have thought about of doing this.
    And Like most of us beginners i’m am skeptical.
    I will try and watch the free course and see where it leads me.Although you have mentioned it needs a computer, Will an Iphone works though?
    Thank you much!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      As Yoda would say – don’t try, do! If you are truly serious about your future and working online, then things need to be done 😉
      To that end, as a business venture, you will need a computer to set up the systems required to automate the process, which is what will give you the freedom to earn around the clock. I hope you enjoy the training and see that this is a serious opportunity to build a business you love.
      Warmest wishes

  16. I tried to watch the free training offered but it showed I needed to pay for the workshops. Where does the free apply?

    1. Hi Kathryn
      You should have been sent the free workshops in an email. The paid workshops you may have seen is for anybody who is keen to get going with some training straight away!
      I hope you enjoy the workshops,

  17. Alvin Ray & Janice Beezley

    My wife & I wanting to get started in affiliate marketing, asap. Thank you for the info & training opportunity. This blog was very informative.

  18. I am not computer savvy, am 70 and retired I would
    Like to try my hand at affiliate marketing. What if I don’t like it? Do I have to put cash upfront? I have a lot more questions.

    1. Hi there Hortenze. One of our most successful affiliates is 68 and we have many people over 70 in the community. There are step by step courses available to teach you everything you need to know to get started. Marketing can be ‘organic’ (free, but time consuming) or paid. The courses teach you how to do it right so you make back your investment in the education and in advertising. The free workshop series should give you an idea of wether or not it’s for you, but like everything in life, you won’t know until you try! (and courses do come with a 30 day money back guarantee!)
      Hope to see you on the inside 🙂

  19. Hi jenn,
    I would love more information and am wanting to try something new and have a new source of income .
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi Ginnette,
      You are in the right place!
      the very best place to start is to check out the free workshops in the blog above – you’ll discover numerous ways of creating multiple income streams!
      Let me know how you get on 🙂
      Warmest wishes

  20. Hi Jennie,
    From what I understand, it sounds like you have to invest finacially in the training before you can make any money. At the moment neither me or my huband are making any money. I have been a stay at home/ home schooling mom for long time. My kids are teens now so they will manage, but I dread going back to work fulltime. Is there any way to get started for free and buy the membership once I start earning money with affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Rose,
      I understand your predicament, I’ve been there. I’ve been a health and fitness coach for many years and wanting to be fit and healthy before you start to workout or eat well, is not possible! It’s much like that here. The programmes are incredibly well designed and delivered and like any product or service you must purchase it to have the benefit of it. The Modern Wealthy programme is incredible value at just $37, and that will get you in to the community and learning a whole lot, maybe even be enough to get you earning. If you are truly serious about success, by investing in the other courses you will be able to make back your investment if you implement the steps, but without investing in the coaching and systems, it’s often more timely and more expensive in the long run.
      I truly hope you find a way (I had to take out a credit card and a loan to get started – my husband was furious!)
      Tough times make tough people and tough people do what they have to to get success.
      Good luck

  21. Hi Jennie,
    Do you get involved in any of these programs or are you just promoting them.

    I am looking for someone that can help me set the whole thing.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Great to hear from you.
      Due to my success here, I often get asked to jump on the live training calls and I love it! This is very much a community, where we all share our experiences – success and failures, so we all learn from each other as well as the from the actual ‘education’.

      You will get help to set up everything from scratch.
      I’m also open to anyone getting in contact with me directly for help -I regularly jump on zoom calls with community members.

      I hope to see you on the inside Nicole.
      Warmest wishes

  22. I just came across to this and I have heard about this as I would love to learn more about this! ASI would like to work from home! So I can spend time
    With my family and want to do ministry like outreach
    People to know Jesus Christ!


    1. Hi Maria,
      So sorry for delayed reply.
      From one fitness trainer to another, absolutely 🙂
      It all depends if you are prepared to do the work required to get set up.

      All the best

  23. Hi I’m a mother of 5, Financially I am really struggling now. I have wanted to get into social media and digital marketing but not had the focus to do so. I really need to start bringing in some extra money now though.
    Do I need a laptop or will this work for me from my iPhone?
    Finally and most importantly. I have seen other programmes similar to this however they were not available for people in the UK, is this one suitable for someone living in the UK?

    1. Hi Hayley.
      Thanks for reaching out, I can only imagine how busy life must be with 5 kids!
      I’m afraid you really will need a Laptop if you intend to build a proper online business.
      You do not necessarily need one to access the training courses, but without one, you will not be able to build the systems required for automation and succesfully running or scaling your business.
      Just to stress, if you need money now, this might not be for you. The courses teach you how to build and scale an online business (depending on what your preference is – affiliate marketing/e-commerce/coaching/consulting, etc) It takes time and some investment to do this right, but if you do it right, you will get a return and the chance to earn an unlimited income – this does not happen overnight.
      If all you were to do was become an influencer and promote affiliate links to products, you could probably do that on your phone, but that takes a huge amount of effort, time and consistency on Social Media before you can expect any kind of an income (not what I like to do!!)

      Yes, you can absolutely do this in the UK. That’s where I live! Again, when you know how to do it right, you can live anywhere in the world, and market anything to anywhere in the world!

      Hope that helps,
      Warmest wishes

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