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How to become a Copywriter – Why you should learn this Multi-Trillion £$ skill.

A great copywriter has the ability to write persuasive articles that drives the reader into taking action.

The good news is, a great copywriter is never short of work.  Pretty much everything you read on websites, adverts, brochures, mailshots, catalogues etc, was written by someone skilled in copywriting. Or so it should have been; we will explore the incredible Chat GPT AI tool in a later article. The skill of copywriting is still as valuable, if not more so, because of this new technology.

Copywriter – An Ideal Job for a Laptopmum?

As a copywriting expert, you can work from the comfort of your own home, from a great coffee shop, or from any place you choose. And of course – choose the hours to suit your schedule. A formal education is not required, but relevant training will teach you the skills you’ll need.  The only things you then need to actually work, besides your skill, are a laptop and an internet connection. I’d say that was pretty ideal!

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How do you ‘Copy write’?

To drive your reader into taking action first, you must know them.  This is where a good copywriter will make the difference and potentially where AI can fail.  You are writing to a human being in order to motivate them to take action; whether that is buying something, joining something, entering their e-mail address or sharing something.  When copywriting, remember this is all about Human 2 Human (H2H) contact, so if you write as you speak and offer your reader solutions to their problems, there’s a good chance they might act on your words. Perhaps you might act on mine later?

Keep It Simple Stupid – KISS

I love this acronym and try to use it in just about every aspect of my life.  When I read an article full of long words, complicated sentences and ‘in house’ jargon, I’m gone at the first ‘multivariate’!  A skilled copywriter will know what language to speak for the audience, how to structure the piece and will often use bullet points instead of long wordy paragraphs.

The Copywriter’s Big Idea

Your copy should contain a ‘big idea’ that will run through the piece.  This idea should create an emotion for your reader, that will encourage them to do something. The human element is so important here, is the target audience likely to care about your big idea?

Enthusiasm and Integrity

When you truly love your subject, writing with enthusiasm and integrity should be easy. Again, this is where AI can let you down – it’s not your voice, your passion and your ideas. This is especially important if you are copywriting with the aim of driving your reader to take a particular action. I could not and would not ask others to do (or use) something that I had not done (or use) myself and that I did not wholeheartedly believe would help them, and neither should you.


It is so difficult to be original these days but to stand out from the crowd, you should come at your reader from an unexpected angle with a unique promise.  If you can surprise them with new and relevant content you will be in with a good chance.  Easier said than done, but after all, we are all unique, so spend some time and effort developing your style and just as importantly understanding your intended audience.

A Great Copywriter Uses Stories

Stories are a fantastic way to engage your reader.  People love to hear how others overcame problems and obstacles.  If you can show a hero, preferably yourself, who faced their fear and conquered a challenge, you will have a happy audience.  Remember though – keep it real (integrity), keep it relevant and KISS.

Where do I learn to be a Copywriter?

Whilst you do not need any formal education, you’d be lost without some sort of roadmap from the most successful copywriters in the business. I know I still have lots to improve on, but I have just completed the Copywriting Qualification that is one of 13 Advance Level, Internationally Recognised Digital Skills Certifications included in a programme I purchased recently. This certification and the other step by step training in the programme has since helped me set up this blog and revamp this entire website (not something I ever expected to be able to do in my 50’s!!) and set up my online health and wellness coaching business.

It all started when I began thinking about working online in order to support my family better. I saw an ad pointing me to some free workshops that showed me all the different types of online businesses I could start from home. I’d love to share that training with you, if you’re interested in learning more about the power and freedom of an internet lifestyle! You can get access to these eye opening workshops HERE.

 If from there, you decide to join us in this ‘modern wealthy’ lifestyle, you could dip your toe in the water with the Modern Wealthy ‘fast start’ course (or for anyone who is ready to start an Online Business now and wants immediate access to the Tools, Community and Support you need to get going head over HERE (only for action takers!)).

If you decide to join our world wide community of freedom seekers and digital nomads, Freelance copywriting is just one of many strings you may add to your bow or it might become a new career (‘copy’ is, after all, part of a $2.3 TRILLION  industry worldwide) or perhaps, like me, learning this skill will just save you from hiring a freelancer to promote your own business.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to chat more about anything you’ve read here. Happy to jump on a zoom call too 🙂

Yours in health, growth and happiness,

jennie edmondson

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