NOW is the Time!

There’s no time like NOW!! (Especially if you’re thinking of starting a new business)

Now is always the best time to do anything. The thing is, there’s a good chance you’re hanging on – procrast-inaction‘ing! You’re waiting and planning for that perfect time, that perfect moment when you’ve ‘caught up with yourself’, when you are feeling right, maybe when you’ve lost that bit of excess weight, when your kids are more settled, when life isn’t so hectic, and all the stars line up. If so, I have some bad news (and you know this really), it just won’t happen. NOW is the time. A new week, a new month, or a new year is always presenting itself as the next opportunity, but if you have a dream of freedom, and of starting a new business, don’t wait – pick it up and start running with it NOW.  And if you just don’t know where to start – read on, you’ve come across this blog right now for a reason! (and if weight is your issue, I can help with that too – read on :))

If not now, then when?

As a mum, you no doubt thought about the perfect moment to have a baby, that moment when you are in the right place financially, personally, mentally, physically and with your soul mate; but did it happen that way?  My guess is for the vast majority, probably not.  Life no doubt offered up its servings of hurdles, complications and surprises in that particular journey!

Starting a new business

All too often, we wait for the right time, but the only right time is right here, right now.  Once you decide that designing a lifestyle you love is a priority, then do it.  DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. (and if you’re procrastinating and overthinking how on earth to get started, I’m here to show you that starting a new business is the way forward!)

If you really want a New You, a New Life or New Direction, then be the woman you said you would and do the things you said you would.  Don’t stop because you’ve lost motivation (that is never permanent), don’t stop because you get hurt (physical or mental – there is always something you can keep doing), don’t stop because it’s hard, (if you are changing years of old habits, or learning something new, it will be).  Just remember why you started, and if that WHY was important enough, you must keep going.

Slo-mo is better than pause!

Hitting pause is far too easy and we all do it, but let’s aim for a life ‘pause free’.  Even in the very worst of circumstances, do not give up on your dreams.  If ‘slo mo’ is all you manage for a while, that’s OK, just don’t stop.  Make a way.  Keep taking those baby steps.  Make a realistic plan and commit to it.  I’ve had to slo-mo for 3 house moves, family illness, injury and ‘life events’ over the last 4 years (well ok, I admit, I’ve had a few wobbles and things were HYPER SLO MO, but I’m back on track!)

Life does not have a pause button, you can’t pause your kids, your husband (oh, wouldn’t that be great sometimes!!) or the weather, so don’t pause you.  Set your intentions and make it happen.  You only fail when you give up.  Start the day with a morning routine (read my blog here for The Miracle Morning routine) then whatever life throws at you, at least you’ve done that. Do it every day.

Starting a new business, your own business, in my opinion is the only way to control your future.  Life will always be there…

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”

John Lennon (or was it Allen Saunders or ?)

It doesn’t get in the way, it just ‘is’ and the sooner you decide to just get on with it rather than waiting for the magical ‘right moment’ feeling, the sooner good things will happen.  Get help, get a mentor, get studying and get in the right MINDSET and the world will deliver

If you want to know more about how I got help, who mentors me, what I am studying and just as importantly, how I got into the right mindset to make my dreams a reality, it all started with some FREE Training.  4 Workshops that showed me exactly how to leverage the power of the internet to earn an income online.

I wasn’t looking for an Online Business… 

I was looking for a way to support my kids through school – to be there for assemblies, sports days and sick days.  To not have to ask a boss for time off in the school holidays.  I wasn’t looking for unlimited income potential, I just wanted enough to cover the bills and maybe some holidays.  I wasn’t looking for an incredible world-wide community of likeminded souls and I certainly didn’t think I would ultimately have 2 Online Businesses.  In fact, talking to other mums in the playground, my first foray into ‘entrepreneurial independence’ was Multi Level Marketing (you can read more about that soul destroying experience HERE)

I had no idea that starting a new business, let alone an online business (or 2!) would lead to so much satisfaction and joy.  It’s been hard work, but now that I have digital assets I can scale from, it’s getting easier and I’m generating income 24/7. It’s been a huge journey of personal development and one that my military ego battled with! It’s been learning a ton of things I thought I was too old to learn in my 50’s, (check out ‘Starting a New Career) but that with today’s click and drop technology is easier than some unscrupulous young ‘web guru’s’ would have you believe!  But most of all, I have freedom.  The freedom to be with my girls when they need me, freedom to head out on my mountain bike during the week, or go skinny dipping in a waterfall when I feel like it, or jumping in a cold lake at next full moon (try telling my military self I’d be doing that!!)

skinny dipping in waterfalls

Sceptical? I’d be surprised if you weren’t!

Of course, I was totally sceptical of it at first (22 years in the RAF made me hyper-suspicious!!) and it took me a year of ‘stalking’ before I finally got started, but now I have, I wish I hadn’t waited so long.  Starting a new business is possible at ANY AGE and it’s possible right NOW, especially if you keep your mind open to the possibility of working online.  The training workshops show numerous ways you can start on online business, but the simplest way is discussed in Video 2.  Perfect if you have no idea what to do, have no ambitions to start your own business and hate selling!  You can leverage what other people do without ever having your own products – this was such a revelation to me.

The morals of this blog are…

  • Starting a new business is possible at any AGE.
  • You can create something you truly love – in fact, it’s the only way to succeed.
  • Working online is easier than you’d think.
  • Leveraging the internet earns income 24/7 and is endlessly scalable
  • You will have to be prepared to learn some new stuff, especially about yourself!
  • The steps are simple, but it’s not always easy
  • You do not need your own products
  • NOW is the only perfect moment!

So, hopefully you’re ready to take action right NOW!

If this has sparked some curiosity and you are ready to keep an open mind, I can send you the training that turned me from a ‘military employee’ to online entrepreneur (even now that sounds a bit crazy!).

Head over HERE (or click the Red Button) – I’ll only ask for your name and e-mail and the training will be with you straight away.  Stick with it, watch them all and get in touch if you’d like to (I’m always happy to write or zoom) you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

NOW is the perfect time to make starting a new business and building a lifestyle you love, a reality for you and your family!  

Here’s to your amazing future, starting right NOW!

Love, health and happiness.

PS – If you still want to shift some weight, maybe my other business could help you get that area of your life on track too!

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