What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is basically the ability to write a persuasive article (copy) that will drive your reader into taking an action.


how to copywrite

What is copywriting?

The good news is, as a good copywriter, you are never short of work.  Pretty much everything you read on websites, adverts, brochures, mailshots, catalogues etc etc, was written by a copywriter (BTW – nothing whatsoever to do with a Copyright – protecting inventions from ‘theft’ ! )


An ideal job for a Laptop Mum 🙂

You can work from the comfort of your own home and hours to suit your schedule, a formal education is not required (but relevant training is).  The only things you need are a laptop and an internet connection.


But…. what is copywriting – how do you ‘Copy write’?

To drive your reader into taking action first, you must know them.  This is where a good copywriter will make the difference.  You are writing to a human being in order to motivate them to take action; whether that is buying something, joining something, entering their e-mail address or sharing something.  This is all about Human 2 Human (H2H) contact, so if you write as you speak and offer your reader solutions to their problems, there’s a good chance they might act on your words.


Keep It Simple Stupid

I love this acronym and try to use it in just about every aspect of my life.  When you read an article full of long words, complicated sentences and ‘in house’ jargon, you probably won’t get much beyond the first paragraph (unless you too are ‘in house’!).  Bullet points are great.

The Big Idea

Your copy should contain a ‘big’ idea that will run through the piece.  This idea should create an emotion for your reader, that will encourage them to do something.

Enthusiasm & Integrity

I could not and would not ask others to do (or use) something that I had not done (or use) myself and that I did not wholeheartedly believe would help them, and neither should you.  As a result of this, you will always be happy and enthusiastic about whatever you are writing.

How to copywrite



It is so difficult to be original these days but to stand out from the crowd, you must come at your reader from an unexpected angle with a unique promise.  If you can surprise them with new and relevant content you will be in with a good chance.  Easier said than done, but after all, we are all unique, so spend some time and effort developing your style.


Stories are a fantastic way to engage your reader.  People love to hear how others overcame problems and obstacles.  If you can show a hero who faced their fear and conquered a challenge, you will have a happy audience.  Remember though – keep it real (integrity), keep it relevant and KISS.


Where do I learn to be a Copywriter?

Whilst you do not need any formal education, you’d be lost without some sort of roadmap from the most successful copywriters in the business.

The course I have just completed is one of a vast collection of courses available through The Six Figure Mentors education programme.  On completing the basic modules of starting your own online business, you then have the opportunity to study everything and anything you feel would help grow and support you in your online journey.  Freelance copywriting might become a new career (‘copy’ is, after all, part of a $2.3 TRILLION  industry worldwide) or perhaps, like me, learning this skill will just save you from hiring a freelancer to promote your own business.


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How to copy write


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