Online Jobs for Mums


It’s what we all want isn’t it?  The ability to work our own hours, be there for the kids when necessary, take holidays when the kids are off and still earn a good income.  Are there really online jobs for mums that offer these benefits?

If, like me, you’re thinking, there must be a way to leverage the internet, you’d be totally correct.

If, also like me, you’re overwhelmed because there is so much to learn and where do you start , then read on…..

There are ABSOLUTELY opportunities to work from home with your computer and with a world that’s increasingly online, my question is “can you afford not to?”!! (find out a bit more about my ‘why’ HERE).


You’d havonline jobs for mumse to have your head buried deep in the tumble dryer not to have considered the power of the internet; but, with a mountain of information ‘out there’ where do you start?  I have spent hours, days, weeks and months lost down rabbit holes of ‘data’ and have discovered that ultimately it boils down to the following list…..


How to get started online


  1.    Have access to computer (pref your own!) – any one will do as long as you can get online.
  2.   Think about who your audience might be; who can you help?
  3.   How are you going to ‘talk‘ to them – blog, website, social media?
  4.   How are you going to let them know about you?
  5.   How are you actually going to earn money? (let’s not beat around the bush, we want to help people, but this is going to be a job after all).
  6.   Who is going to help, mentor and support YOU.


1. Computer Access


Doh, pretty simple right?  Mac, PC, laptop, etc!!


2. Your Audience


online jobs for mums

Ok, so who are you, what’s your story?  This is the best place to start and one that many people fail to address.  Your audience are the people you identify with and who will identify with you, whether that’s professionally, personally, a hobby or a sport, if you are your audience, you will better know how to help them – pretty simple really.  Pick a person (real or imagined), pick their age, their sex, their personality, their lifestyle and talk to them; this is you ‘niche‘.  You will see mountains of information on this, but basically, if you try to help ‘everyone’ you will help no-one.


3. How to Connect


You’ve got your niche, now you need a platform to talk to them from.  These days it’s actually pretty simple to build a website or set up a blog – seriously!  I literally paid ££££THOUSANDS having websites built when I was first starting out, but if you know where to look (and I can show you) and who to trust, you can totally do it yourself (just look at this website if you don’t believe me – and seriously, I was a total ‘middle-aged mum’ technophobe!).


4. How are your niche going to find you?


This is your time to start talking to your people.  You need to create ‘content‘.   There are oodles of way to do that, and it’s basically down to your style, your time and your budget.  Blogging, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc etc, social media is the big one.  Where are your ‘people’ hanging out?  How much time do you have to talk to them, writing blog posts is great (and I love it), but if you are already working and are looking at online jobs for mums to ultimately replace that work, you may not have time – perhaps some paid marketing might be better?

Online jobs for mums


5. The big one – making money!


Since leaving the RAF, my passion has been to help others and I always put that first.  Of course I want to earn money, but I want to do it with integrity and with a genuine desire and knowledge that what I am sharing will help my people (which is why I retrained as a Personal Trainer and Coach).  If you have that desire too, then you are in the right place.  Earning money online basically comes from sharing your own or other peoples products and earning a commission if your people buy it.

There is no secret formula (I bloody hate when marketeers use the word secret to lure people in).  If you find a product (physical or information) you enjoy using, has helped you or others and you are genuinely interested in it, then let your team know about it.  If someone has googled it anyway and come across your article, they are already in a mood to buy!  Your advice might be just what they need to make that final decision.

The best thing about this business is that you don’t have to buy stock to sell it on, you don’t have to build a team, you don’t have to sell to your family and friends, you just point people (there are about 4 BILLION online to choose from!!) in the right direction and let them decide if it’s a good fit for them.


6. Who is going to help me?


We’ve covered the basics, but it still leaves the question “how on earth do I actually get started”.   I’ve fannied around for years looking for work that can allow me the freedom to work my own hours as I raise a young family.  I loved my personal training and group bootcamps, but that still tied me to others and left me cancelling classes if my kids were poorly, and it also left me trading time for money (there is only so much you can charge for a hour of your time!).  When I wasn’t coaching, I was looking for other ways to earn (I tried and hated network marketing/MLM) and knew inside that the internet held the answer – no matter how much I feared computers!!

I came across an advert one day that promised all I was looking for (so of course I thought it was too good to be true), but it took a year of procrastination and doubt (there are so many scammers out there), before I finally took action on what I saw.  I now work alongside people all over the world who have also recognised the power we have at our fingertips, I have mentors, coaches and friends who can help me at a touch of a button.  The loneliness of being self-employed is long gone!


online-jobs-for-mumsSo, without waffling on for too long.  I simply watched a free 7 day video series and took it from there.  You can do it too.
There are no secrets, this opportunity is an education, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ on the internet scheme.  I have worked really hard and followed the step by step guidance.  I am learning every day, I am growing every day and every day I look forward to my Laptop Mums lifestyle.  This is my story, there may be other online jobs for mums, but I promise you, this is real, the people are real (and lovely) and the opportunities are endless.

Follow a link on this site, or click HERE for immediate access to the same free training I watched – don’t procrastinate, or over think it, just watch, then decide if it’s for you.


Please do reach out to me if you’d like to know any more 🙂

Yours in health, growth and happiness.