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How I turned my Injury into a 6 Figure Business in 10 Months

By JennieEdmo | May 17, 2024

How an Injured PT learned the Ultimate ‘Work From Home’ Secret! My back first ‘went’ in 2013.  That’s when my fitness business started heading downhill. As a Personal Trainer and bootcamp instructor, I used to carry out some work from home, but it was very much ‘trading my time for money’ when clients came to […]

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Affiliate Marketing: Why it Trumps Multi-Level Marketing in 2024

By JennieEdmo | February 22, 2024

Why Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative ‘home business’ model for time strapped parents (who don’t want to ‘recruit their friends’ or splash themselves all over social media!) How many people do you avoid in the playground, at the bar, or in a coffee shop because you know that any conversation with them will always […]

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024 – Your First 7 Essential Steps

By JennieEdmo | February 21, 2024

If you’ve found this blog, that tells me you are someone who wants more out of life. You’re someone who wants to spend more time with family and not have to ask a boss for time off. It tells me you have dreams, but don’t know how to make them a reality and it tells […]

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Starting a New Career

By JennieEdmo | January 21, 2024

Is there life after 40?  Or 50, or 60?  Yes, yes and yes! Of course there is, in fact, I reckon it’s over 40 that life starts getting better.  We tend to worry less about pleasing others, about conforming or about so much of the trivia that seemed to dog earlier years.  Like so many things in […]


NOW is the Time!

By JennieEdmo | January 1, 2024

There’s no time like NOW!! (Especially if you’re thinking of starting a new business) Now is always the best time to do anything. The thing is, there’s a good chance you’re hanging on – procrast-inaction‘ing! You’re waiting and planning for that perfect time, that perfect moment when you’ve ‘caught up with yourself’, when you are […]

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How to become a Copywriter – Why you should learn this Multi-Trillion £$ skill.

By JennieEdmo | July 10, 2023

A great copywriter has the ability to write persuasive articles that drives the reader into taking action. The good news is, a great copywriter is never short of work.  Pretty much everything you read on websites, adverts, brochures, mailshots, catalogues etc, was written by someone skilled in copywriting. Or so it should have been; we will […]